Our Goals

We are an organisation as well as an international foundation involved in research activities which are focused on further improving health and bringing better care to patients.

Medicines add years to life and life to years as well as offer patients a better quality of life. In most cases, the cost of treating a disease is lower than the cost of not treating and the benefits provided by the treatments are often priceless to patients. This applies to the majority of common chronic diseases such as hypertension or diabetes.

These two diseases can, in fact, lead to severe complications which treatment with drugs can now prevent. This proves that although medicines may represent an immediate cost for the patient and the community, they remain an investment in duration and quality of life.

Our actions are guided by three basic goals:

  • First of all, to fulfill the needs of patients who benefit from our products and doctors who prescribe them.
  • Secondly, participate in the advances made by research because we are a research foundation committed to human health improvement as much as an industry.
  • Thirdly, one that is vital but frequently forgotten in today’s world, is to encourage the professional fulfillment of each person within, and through, the organisation.

"Not only is it a guarantee of success, it is a goal in itself."

Dr. Jacques Servier