History of Servier

Key Dates:

1954 Les Laboratoires Servier founded in Orleans, France
1955 Internationally launched first two products into hypertensive and diabetic markets

1960 First research centre established in Suresnes, Paris
1962 First chemical production centre established in Bolbec, France
1963 Second international subsidiary opened in London

1978 Servier Canada Inc (SCI) officially opened its doors in Pointe-Claire, Quebec

1984 First international clinical research division established in UK

1994 SCI moved and inaugurated its own administrative and warehouse buildings in Laval, Quebec
1995 SCI joins Rx&D (Canada’s Research Based Pharmaceutical Companies)
1995 Acquired 51% share holding in EGIS Pharmaceuticals in Hungary
1997 Acquired Anpharm in Poland
1998 The Canadian International Centre for Therapeutic Research (ICTR) is established

2000 Production plant built in China
2004 SCI opened its first Ontario office in Mississauga, Ontario
2008 SCI celebrated 30 years in Canada

Key Facts:

Servier Canada Inc is the Canadian affiliate of The Servier Research Group, a leading French research based organisation, specializing in ethical pharmaceuticals.

In the short span of fifty five years, the Servier Research Group has developed in stature from a family-owned, provincial pharmacy employing nine people to a multi-national operation with over 20,000 employees, including 3,000 in R&D, yet the Company is still privately-owned and is still passionately and permanently committed to remaining independent.

In CANADA, Servier’s activities commenced in February 1978 in a modest location in Pointe-Claire, Quebec with a total staff of three employees. Within a month of its opening, a Sales supervisor and seven sales representatives were recruited and working in the region of Quebec. From 1985-1991, Servier Canada continued to gradually expand its presence across Canada, with growth in both its size of sales force and the number of head office employees. By 1994, the Company had moved to new premises in Laval, Quebec, where its current facility resides.

Servier Canada is committed to the investment in research and development and was proud to join Canada’s Research Based Pharmaceutical Companies (Rx&D) in 1995. In 1998, it established its Canadian International Centre for Therapeutic Research within Servier Canada Inc. In 2003, Servier celebrated 25 years of existence in Canada and the following year opened its first Ontario office in Mississauga to accommodate its continued growth and expansion.

Servier’s Research & Development pipeline is extremely healthy having the potential to submit one product for license every year for the next 10 years. With a current clinical research staff of over twenty and significant plans for growth, Servier is continuing a program of rapid expansion and investment into the future in Canada. The Canadian International Centre for Therapeutic Research is responsible for conducting Phase I, II & III clinical trials in Canada with the objective of bringing-to-market new Servier pharmaceuticals.

Over the last five years, SCI has grown substantially and sales are forecasted to reach approximately $113 million by the end of 2009. The number of people employed has risen steadily over this period, a trend that is anticipated to continue. The sales force has grown from 50 field-based personnel spread across the country in seven regions to an excess of 165 across 15 regions. At the same time, Servier has maintained its reputation throughout as being among one of the most professional and scientific-based pharmaceutical companies in Canada.

Looking forward to the future, Servier Canada and the whole Servier Research Group is set for dramatic growth over the next 10 years. From a product portfolio focused on Cardiovascular and Diabetes, Servier will not only have some innovative new products in both of these therapeutic fields, but will enter at least 3 new therapeutic fields in the coming years. In the near future, Servier Canada will make available for patients a portfolio consisting of new and existing products for: hypertension, the prevention of cardiovascular events, type 2 diabetes, depression and mild cognitive impairment.

In FRANCE, success has been spectacular. Currently the second largest French pharmaceutical company worldwide, it is also the largest privately owned and the second largest exporter of pharmaceutical products. In people terms, the work force now totals some 5,000 employees of whom one in four is actively engaged in the research and development of new compounds.

INTERNATIONALLY, the Company's expansion has been equally impressive. Currently represented in more than 140 countries, it has achieved consistently high growth especially throughout the last decade. The company has registered 30 new drugs in 30 years and specifically in the last ten years. The reason for this success is three-fold: firstly, one of the world's highest ratios of investment in research and development; secondly, an enviable reputation for product innovation; thirdly, the motivation, commitment and professionalism of the Company’s personnel are second to none.

  • Consolidated turnover for the Group in 2007/2008 was €3.7 billion;
  • More than 25% of worldwide turnover is reinvested in research and development;
  • Unwavering commitment to R&D is at the root of our staying power. We have set-up 19 International Centers for Therapeutic research (ICTRs). These Centers supply the increasingly complex logistics needed to perform the large-scale clinical trials now required for drug development.

In 1995, the Servier Research Group acquired a 51% shareholding in EGIS, the leading Hungarian pharmaceutical company. Additionally, in 1997, Servier, together with its Hungarian subsidiary EGIS, took a majority holding in the Polish pharmaceutical company Anpharm.